HSFA is an Italian sporting association, founded by a group of expert fishermen.

Every day they dedicate time to their passion: discovering and experiencing the world of sea!

The association is located in Ancona, in the center of Italy, nearby Monte Conero peninsula, on Adriatic coast.

The headquarters and starting point of all activities is Marinadorica, a modern and equipped dock located at base of the Monte Conero

The main purposes of the association are:

-To promote knowledge about marine environment and its species.

-To teach sportfishing techniques and philosophy.

-To support the members with theoretical and practical activities.

Theoretical activities include: themed events, classes and web publications.

Themed events cover several topics and are supported by slides and explicative videos.

Often they focus on our most favourite fishing target, ‘His Majesty’ the Bluefin tuna!

In detail:

- Fishing, drifting and spinning techniques.

- We support Catch & release. Method to give fish released the best chance for survival (guidelines and racommendations).

- Fishing stuff.

- Tag process. Is the HSFA contribution to research projects for tuna consarvation (ICCAT and APR -Associazione Pescatori Ricreativi-)

Practical activities concern water-ecosystem

- Dolphins, marine turtles and large school of tunas watching.

- Inshore and offshore sportfishing.

All boats involved on HFSA belong to members and founders.

The aim of these activities is the transmission of our passion to fishermen and sea lovers: beginners or experts, all are welcome!

A recreational spirit is the main force of our activities

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